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Shon Gallegos... Owner and founder Shon Gallegos may be an Atlanta transplant but his feet are firmly planted in the red Georgia clay and he is ready to make his mark.  Shon says "I love Atlanta because of the people and its sugary sweet southern charm, not to mention good ole soul food. Did somebody say fried chicken?"  Shon has worked in the garment industry for twenty years and is happy to finally be doing business in the city that he loves and looks forward to sharing his passion for embroidery with you. 

Rory Moon...  The creative mind behind The Big Stitch. An Atlanta native, Rory has worked in the hospitality industry in Atlanta for 16 years, working hard along the way to build strong ties to his community. Rory is thrilled to be part of The Big Stitch, saying "I love Atlanta and couldn't think of a better place to call home." He hopes his eye for detail and knack for getting the job done along with his southern charm will propel The Big Stitch into becoming an industry leader.